How do I add text to my Polos?

*This is a Marco Polo Plus feature on iOS, to learn more about Marco Polo Plus tap here

Can't talk at the moment? Just tap on the Unicorn icon and select the Text option and start typing :-)

To add text to your Polos:

  1. Open a conversation
  2. Tap on the Unicorn icon
  3. Select Text
  4. Start typing your text
  5. Select the color your text should be
  6. Drag the text to wherever you want it to appear

You can add text before you start talking or during a Polo. To share your text, tap Start to begin sending a Polo to the other user. When you're finished, tap Stop to complete the Polo. You can also cover the camera with your finger (or flip the camera to be rear-facing) if you don't want friends to see you.