How do I change my phone number on Marco Polo?

Marco Polo® accounts are tied to an individual's phone number.   

Changing the phone number associated with your account will transfer your old account content (contacts, chats, Polos, and archived Polos) to your new phone number. 

There are two ways to update your phone number.

☝️ The first option is only possible if you still have access to your old number. 

1. From your old account, tap the Settings icon (bottom of home screen).

2. Tap  Account.

3. Select  Change Number.

4. Tap  Continue.

5. Enter your  new phone number, and tap Verify new number via SMS.

6. When prompted, enter the verification code sent to your new phone number.

[You can watch steps 1-6 in action here👇]

✌️ The second option is to change your phone number using your email address. 

Use this method if you no longer have access to your previous phone number. 

Important things to note before you get started:  

  • For this process to work, you'll need to be able to access/sign in to the email that's tied to your old account.
  • If you've already created an account with your new phone number, you will need to delete this account first. Only then will you be able to transfer your old account over to your new number.
  • This process is NOT a merge of accounts. If you've already signed into the Marco Polo app with your new phone number, you'll need to delete this newer account before you can proceed with changing the phone number associated with your original account.

👉 Tap this link 👈 to start the process of changing your number by email.