How do I change my phone number on Marco Polo?

Marco Polo ®️accounts are tied to individual phone numbers.  
So, changing the phone number linked to your account will transfer your old account (contacts, groups, and Polo archives) to your new phone number.
We have two different ways that you can update your phone number that is linked to your account! 
The first option is if you still have access to your old number. Follow these steps:

1. From your old account, tap on the Settings icon at the bottom of your home screen

2. Tap Account

3. Go to Change Number

4. Tap Next

5. Enter the old phone number listed on your account then enter the new phone number' you'd like linked to your account

6. When prompted, enter the verification code sent to your new phone number.


If you have already created an account for your new phone number, you will need to delete it first. Then you can transfer your old account to your new phone number.

The second option to change your number is to change it by email. This is the perfect option if you no longer have access to your previous phone number. 
One thing to note is that you need to type in the email tied to your old account and you need to have access to your email tied to your old account in order for this process to work.
This process is not a merge of accounts. If you have an account already under the NEW number, you'll lose access to all of those chats and Polos. 

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