How do I add people to my group without their contact information?

Are you the Admin of a group and would you like to create a group but don't have everyone's phone number? You can also use the group link! 

You'll know if you're the group admin by looking at the 'Group Info' screen, found by tapping on the 'Group Name'.

To invite someone to your group by a Group Link:

  1. Open a group conversation
  2. Tap the group name at the top
  3. Tap 'Admin Settings'
  4. Select 'Invite via Group Link'
  5. Tap 'Share Link' or 'Copy Link'
  6. Share your Group Link wherever you'd like!

Anyone can tap on the link and if they have Marco Polo installed, they'll be taken into your group. If they don't have the app yet, they'll need to download it first and then go back and tap on the link. Only share it with people you trust.