Seconds are a lighter way to share your day with all the people who 💗you. 

    It’s hard to stay in touch with everyone who matters to you every day. For the people who love you, just seeing the little moments can make them feel like they’re still with you. 

    Seconds give the people who love you a little window into your life. Take a Second to show them the little things you see in your day, the funny moments with kids, the adorable antics of your dog. Seconds aren’t a highlight reel, they are just simple, unfiltered snippets that become an animated slideshow of life. 

    Take as many as you like, it only takes Seconds to catch up.

      A few tips: 
      • Record multiple Seconds in a row to capture a longer event
      • Try telling a story by capturing a few Seconds in sequence
      • Add live photos and text for fun and added context

    How Seconds work

    Seconds provide a great complement to recording Polos.

    • Seconds are quick and easy to watch. Sometimes they’re better than Polos for showing what you or your kids are up to and never feel like you're showing the same thing too many times. 

    • As soon as you take a Second, it’s automatically shared with the people who can watch your Seconds. You can also customize who sees your Seconds to make sure it's the people who matter most.  

    • Take as many Seconds as you want. They’re quick and easy to watch and don’t alert everyone every time you take another.

    Seconds aren’t about seeming cool, they’re just a simple, unfiltered way to privately share real life. Try taking a Second today! You can check out Seconds in the Marco Polo Settings tab.