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Thursday, April 11 

You Spoke and We Heard You! 

We’ve been listening to all the requests you’ve made through reviews, email, and social media, and we’re so excited to announce these new features and updates! They’ll make it even easier to feel close to your best friends and family. 

Uploading videos
You can now share a video from your device to Marco Polo. Open a conversation and tap the Photo icon, go to your videos, select the video you want to share, and you’re done. Your video will be sent to your Marco Polo conversation.⁣
Photo Polo 
Did you know that you can share a photo with voice narration through Marco Polo? This feature was previously only available to those who had used the app for 30+ days and sent 50+ Polos, but now it’s available to everyone.⁣ We’ve also added a zoom feature and the ability to make a photo Polo larger while pausing. Did you love the photo someone sent? You can also download the high-resolution photo to your device!
Notes are a great way to quickly respond. You can include links, addresses, a grocery list, or just a quick hello. ⁣You can select the color of your note by tapping the circle on the bottom left of the screen. Then type your note and tap the Send icon to share it.⁣

Sharing links, notes, videos , and photos to Marco Polo 
⁣This new feature allows you to share notes, links, videos, and photos from other apps or the web to Marco Polo. While you’re on the webpage that you want to share, look for and tap on the share icon, and then select Marco Polo (If you don’t see the Marco Polo icon, select More to add Marco Polo as an option). Then select the Marco Polo chat you’d like to share to, and voila!⁣

Do you have a favorite Polo that you want to watch again but can’t seem to go back and locate? Now you can bookmark Polos to easily find them later.⁣ Press and hold the Polo you want to bookmark and select the Bookmark option from the menu. To view all your bookmarked Polos, go to Settings, and then tap the Bookmark Polos option. 
Saving and Sharing all Polos
So many of you have asked about being about to save those precious Polos. Soon you can! Go to your chat and select the Polo you want to save by tapping and holding on the Polo thumbnail. This will bring up a menu with several options including 'Forward' and 'Save' near the top. Tap Save, and voila. *This feature is coming soon!
⁣If you don’t want others to be able to save or forward your Polos, you can opt out of this feature. Just go to your app settings, select Privacy Settings, and then toggle off Polo sharing. ⁣
Taking a high - resolution photo or video in Marco Polo
Want to capture your child’s first steps or your grandma’s 80 birthday? With this new feature, you can use Marco Polo to share special moments at a high-quality resolution. Tap the Photo icon, select the camera option, and record. A high-quality recording of your special moment will be saved to your device and a compressed version will be sent to your Marco Polo conversation. 
iOS Palette Picker 
The Palette Picker is a fun way to accessorize your Marco Polo experience. Choose filters and voice effects, add text to your Polo, or draw fun doodles. You’ve probably seen these features before, but now they’re all in one location.⁣

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