Bookmarking Polos

*This is a Marco Polo Plus feature, to learn more about Marco Polo Plus tap here

Do you have a favorite Polo that you want to re-watch and then it’s hard to go back and find it? 

We’ve added a bookmarking feature that lets you easily find your Polos and precious memories captured on Marco Polo ®️. To do this:
1. Open a conversation
2. Tap and hold on the Polo you’d like to bookmark
3. Select the  Bookmark option from the pop-up menu.
To easily view all your Bookmarked Polos: 

1. Tap on your Settings icon 

2. Tap on Bookmarked Polos
3.  This will show you all the Polos you have Bookmarked. 
*Note: There is a limit of 50 Polos that you can Bookmark on Marco Polo