Marco Polo Plus FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Marco Polo Plus

What is Marco Polo Plus?

Plus is a paid membership plan that unlocks premium features, an elevated experience that includes more functionality, convenient ways to use the app, all designed to help you stay connected more effortlessly and joyfully. 

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Why are you charging now?

We’re making big changes to the app including launching a paid membership plan – Marco Polo Plus. This will allow us to keep Marco Polo running, so that we can continue to help nurture your closest relationships for decades to come. 

We decided that the sustainable route to supporting the costs of a free video service for millions of people is to offer a premium subscription, since we don't believe selling ads or selling user data are good models.

We see clearly how Marco Polo - built to be good for you - is playing an important role in maintaining human connection through face-to-face relationships, which are critical to our ongoing mental and physical well-being. 

We understand the critical role in helping people stay in touch that we’re playing right now, and we take it seriously. We are committed to doing everything we can to make sure Marco Polo is free for millions of more people for decades to come.

We recognize that no one planned for what is happening around us in the world, and at a time when so many businesses, large and small, are making difficult decisions, we’re making one to ensure Marco Polo is sustainable and can be free for millions more people for decades to come.

Read more about the company’s decision, our efforts to create a sustainable business, and our commitment to remaining ad-free. 

What is the new free version of Marco Polo?

As it’s always been, Marco Polo is a free app that allows you unlimited opportunity to stay in touch with the people who matter most to you. Our new free version of Marco Polo will continue to provide unlimited ability to chat, with an unlimited number of contacts, and the unlimited ability to create groups.

The new free app includes: 

  • 100% free with no ads
  • Unlimited chats
  • Unlimited groups
  • Voice effects and camera filters
  • Notification controls
  • Emojis - heart, thumbs up, smiley face
  • Ability to upgrade at any point

Why not just show ads?

The magic of Marco Polo is something we want the whole world to experience. Forever. And because we refuse to sell privacy and personal data to the highest bidder, our unique, reliable, and free app needs to evolve. That means focusing our business on a membership plan, a business model that provides a lot of additional value for our most avid users.

While many would like to compare, we’re very different from other social networking and video apps.

From the start, we’ve committed to never collecting our user data to sell to advertisers. 

We will never show ads in Marco Polo. We will never manipulate algorithms. We were built to be good for you. 

Will I have to pay to use Marco Polo?

To be certain, Marco Polo is a free app. We've had a free app for years with the singular goal of helping people feel close. If the premium upgrade isn’t a fit for your life right now, no problem. 

We’ll continue to invest in making sure the free experience is a great one. No matter the changes now or in the future, we’ll always provide unlimited opportunity to stay in touch with the people who matter most to you.

Can I switch back to my old Marco Polo?

No, there is no switchback permitted. The "grandfathered in" option was for a limited time and ended August 1, 2020. 

In the coming weeks, every person using Marco Polo will update to either our new free version of Marco Polo with unlimited chats and groups but fewer perks, or upgrade to be paying members of our premium experience Marco Polo Plus. 

How much does Marco Polo Plus cost monthly/ yearly?

Marco Polo Plus membership plan is $9.99/monthUSD  for the monthly plan or $5/month for the annual plan billed at $59.99 USD

Will my Polos disappear if I don’t upgrade?