What features are included in Marco Polo Plus?

We’ve built an experience that includes additional functionality plus new and improved features, all designed to help improve the experience of people who use Marco Polo as their primary mode of communication.

What’s Included as of May 2, 2020:

  • Creating and saving Polos in HD
    • With this feature you can record special moments at high resolution and have them automatically saved to your phone in HD
  • Voice-only Polos
    • This feature allows you to record voice only Polos, perfect for times you don’t feel camera ready
  • Fastforwarding with 1.5 x- 3x speed controls
    • This feature lets you toggle the speed in which you fast forward Polos, all the way from 1.5x-3x 
  • Custom emoji reactions
    • In addition to 👍😀🧡that exist in Plus, there is now space for you to customize your reaction by adding any emoji from your keyboard
  • Time Stamp scrubber
    • With the time stamp scrubber you can easily see how long Polos are, and fast-forward or reverse to a specific moment in your Polo 
  • Scratchpad for notes during Polos
    • Ever listen to Polos and forget what you wanted to respond to? Now with our Scratchpad feature, you can jot down your ideas in advance and then refer to them as you record
  • Live texting 
    • You can text your friends while they’re recording live!
  • Plus Passes 
    • You will have 6 Plus Passes to share with friends and family in which they’ll be able to experience Marco Polo Plus for 2 months for free!

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