Plus Passes

Marco Polo Plus, Plus Passes 

When you complete your free trial on Marco Polo Plus, you'll have the option to share the gift of Plus with your friends and family! 

A Plus Pass gives someone 2 free months to experience Plus! 

Click on Plus Passes and it will bring up a list of your friends and family currently using the free version of Marco Polo. Select one contact, they will receive a notification of your gift.

Here's how to share: 
1. You’ll find Plus Passes under Settings > Plus Subscription

2. You’ll receive 6 Plus Passes to give friends and family. The Plus Passes unlock 2 months free of the Marco Polo Plus experience. 

3. Tap on Give Plus Passes 

4. Select the friend you'd like to gift Plus to! Note, anyone who already has Plus, will be grayed out. 

5. Confirm who you'd like to share Plus with 
6. Your friend will receive a notification that you've shared Plus with them!