Viewing a Sharecast

Joining, messaging the owner, and more

What is a Sharecast?

Sharecast is a whole new way to group share, designed for deeper connections with less noise. 

Only the creator of the Sharecast is able to share videos. The creator chooses who they'd like to invite to view their Sharecast and can even set a topic they'd like to share about. Whether sharing family updates, travel adventures, or puppy Polos, with one Polo you can easily share more of your world with your people.

Everyone who joins the Sharecast can watch the videos, but unlike Marco Polo groups, only the owner see the replies. 

How do I join a Sharecast?

In order to join a Sharecast, the owner must send you an invitation. You will then see the Sharecast conversation listed under your Chats. 

To join, open the Sharecast conversation and select “join”.

How do I view a Sharecast if I don't have Marco Polo?

You can still view a Sharecast via our new web playback experience for Sharecast. Note that currently this experience is optimized for the Google Chrome browser. 

To access the Sharecast web player, simply tap on the Sharecast link. This will direct you to the first Polo shared within that Sharecast. Here, you can choose to sign up to receive text updates whenever a new Polo is shared within the Sharecast.

How do I leave a Sharecast?

If you wish to remove a Sharecast that you have been invited to, click the 3 dot menu, and select “Remove Sharecast”. 

If you have already joined, select "Leave Sharecast".

How do I message the Sharecast owner?

After playing the most recent Polo, tap the “Record Private Message” button to leave a short video message that only the Sharecast owner can view.

Sharecast Info

Tap on the title inside a Sharecast conversation to access Sharecast Info. 

Here you have the option to toggle Notifications on/off, "Leave Sharecast", or you can tap on the Sharecast owner and click "Talk" to open a 1:1 conversation with them.