Creating, Private Messages, managing Viewers, and more

About Sharecast

Discover the newest way to share your life with more of your world. Sharecast is a whole new way to group share designed for deeper connections with less noise. 

It’s your Sharecast. Only you share. Sharecast allows you to pick a topic and with one polo share with your entire circle. Everyone sees the content and unlike Marco Polo groups, only you see replies.

Spark more one-on-one conversations straight from your Sharecast. Your friends and family send emojis and messages privately to you. Less stage fright for them and more conversations for you.

Creating a Sharecast

To create a Sharecast, tap the + in the upper right corner of the home screen and select New Sharecast. 

On the next screen tap "explore Sharecast" and browse our suggested topics for your Sharecast. You can also create your own. 

Give your Sharecast a title and add a chat title and you're ready to create your Welcome Message. This video will be seen by everyone that joins your Sharecast. 

Once your welcome message is set, you're ready to start inviting! 

NOTE: Create Sharecast is a limited feature. Not all users of Marco Polo have access at this time. Anyone can be a Viewer.

Activity Tab

When you open your Sharecast, you may notice a bell to the right of the storyline. Tap the bell to open the Activity tab. 

Here you can see activity such as who has joined, viewed, or sent a Private Message to your Sharecast.

Private Messages

Participants may send you short Private Messages giving you feedback on your Sharecast. 

To play a Private Message, open the activity tab and tap on the the Private Message listing. It will play automatically. 

You'll have the option to reply to the message opening your 1:1 Chat with this participant. 

Sharecast Info

Tap on the header inside a Sharecast conversation to access Sharecast Info.

Here you have options to Invite Viewers, manage Pending Invites, Sharecast Links, and viewers, or to Delete your Sharecast.