What is Sharecast?

Sharecast is a new, free-for-everyone way to group share, designed for deeper connections with less noise. 

Just one Polo connects your worlds – family, friends, in-laws, work pals, and travel buddies. You choose the topic and who is invited.  

You get that one-on-one feeling with everyone – amazing connections without cross-conversations. Only you can see, interact with, and send Polos to the participants in your Sharecast.  

Sharecast FAQ 🤔 

What should I make my Sharecast about?

When you create a Sharecast, you’re creating a dedicated space to freely and authentically share your life, from milestones to everyday moments and everything in between. 

Your Sharecast can cover any topic, personal or professional. Just a few ideas: travel adventures, DIY project updates, video diaries, family antics, group coaching, or even work team announcements. 

How do I create a Sharecast?

  1. On your Marco Polo home screen, tap the Plus sign (+) in the top-right corner. 

  2. Tap New Sharecast.
  3. On the welcome screen, tap Get started
  4. Select the type of Sharecast you’d like to create. 
  5. Choose one of the suggested titles for your Sharecast, or tap Name your own
  6. Add a photo for your chat tile, and customize the name of your Sharecast.
  7. Tap Create, then record an Introduction Video for your Sharecast. 

How do I invite people to my Sharecast?

  1. Tap the title of your Sharecast at the top of the screen. 
  2. Tap the Settings icon (top right).
  3. Select Sharing and choose either All my connections or Invite-only.

    : When Invite-only is selected, Marco Polo will automatically select contacts from your 10 most recent chats to invite to your Sharecast. You can uncheck any contacts you don’t want to invite.

  4. Select any other contacts you want to invite to your Sharecast and tap Done.

You can also invite people with the Sharecast link option, found on the Invite participants or the Sharecast settings tab. Anyone who taps this link can join your Sharecast. If they already have Marco Polo®, they’ll view your invite and join your Sharecast directly in the app. If they don’t have Marco Polo, they can join and view your Sharecast on our Web platform.

Note: Only those with the Marco Polo app can interact with your Sharecast via emoji reactions and private messages.  

How is Sharecast different from groups? 

Sharecast allows you to easily communicate with a group of people without the cross-conversations. Everyone who joins a Sharecast can watch the videos, but unlike Marco Polo groups, only the owner sees replies. 

You don’t have to repost or forward Polos to different groups to keep everyone up to date. Polos sent in a Sharecast are posted for everyone to view at the same time, making it easier to share special news or big life updates with family, friends, or colleagues all at once.

Unlike groups, your Sharecast participants can’t see who else you’ve added to the Sharecast.

Can my Sharecast participants add other users?

If you share your Sharecast link with someone, they could share that link with others. You, as the Sharecast owner, can remove participants from your Sharecast and change your Sharecast link at any time. You can reset your Sharecast link via the Reset link option found in Sharecast settings > Sharecast link.

You can also toggle off the Participants can invite option to prevent Sharecast participants from inviting others to your Sharecast. 

Can my Sharecast participants share my Polos?

You can restrict others from saving or sharing Polos you've posted in your Sharecast.

1. From your Marco Polo home screen, tap the Settings icon.

2. Select Privacy.

3. Toggle on Restrict People from Saving Polos I’ve Sent Them.