What is Sharecast?

Sharecast is a private space to share more of your world with more of your people. 

What’s different about Sharecast? 

Sharecast makes it easier to stay connected with more people from your various circles in an entirely new way. With Sharecast, you’re in control. You choose the topic, and you choose who to invite. 

How’s it different from groups?

  • If something’s happening in your life that you want to share with family, friends, and colleagues all at once, you don’t need to repost or forward Polos to different groups to keep everyone up to date. Just one Polo goes to everyone at the same time.
  • Your participants cannot see who else is in the Sharecast. They can only see and interact with you through emojis and private messages. Sharecast gives you the ease of communicating to a group without the cross conversations. Your participants know they are replying just to you, not to everyone.

What should you share in your Sharecast?

When you create a Sharecast, you’re creating a dedicated space to freely and authentically share your life, from milestones to everyday moments, and everything in between. 

Your Sharecast can cover any topic, personal or professional. Think travel adventures, DIY project updates, video diaries, family antics, group coaching, or even work team announcements.  

Participants don’t need to have the Marco Polo app to view your Sharecast. You can share a link to your Sharecast and they can watch it on the web. However, they would need a Marco Polo account to engage with or respond to your Sharecast. 

If you are ready to start your Sharecast, you simply create your Sharecast in the Marco Polo app, invite participants to join, and then send an Introduction Video to everyone at once.