What do Sharecast participants experience?

What do your Sharecast participants experience?  

Now that you’ve invited all your people to your Sharecast, here’s what participation looks like from their perspective.  

When you invite people to join Sharecast

If the invited person has the Marco Polo app, they’ll see your Sharecast invitation on their Marco Polo home screen. They can tap the Sharecast name to open the invitation, and then tap Join Sharecast to view and reply to your Introduction Video. 

If the person doesn’t have the Marco Polo app, they can click or tap your invitation link to open Sharecast on our Web platform. There they can view your Introduction Video and enter their name and phone number to join your Sharecast and sign up for updates. They also have the option to install Marco Polo. 


  • The Web platform is optimized for the Google Chrome browser.
  • Participants will need Marco Polo to be able to emoji react or privately respond to your Sharecast.  

What participants see (and don’t see) in your Sharecast

Everyone who joins your Sharecast can watch your Sharecast Polos. 

But similar to an email Bcc, your participants cannot see who else is in the Sharecast. They can only see and interact with you.

How participants interact with you 

While viewing a Polo in Sharecast, participants can react with emojis the same way they do when watching any Polo. 

After watching your Polo, they can tap the “Message privately” button to leave a short private reply that only you, the Sharecaster, can view. 

When you reply to a participant’s private message, a one-on-one chat will open in Marco Polo with a note in the chat tile indicating that this Polo is in regard to your Sharecast. This helps you both keep track of which Polos are related to your Sharecast and which ones are part of your regular conversation. 

Managing the Sharecast experience 

As the Sharecast owner, you have control over your Sharecast. However, participants have a few options for managing their experience. 

If they’re using Marco Polo, they can tap the three dots next to the name of your Sharecast to: 

  • Get information about your Sharecast.
  • Add your Sharecast to their favorites.
  • Mute notifications.
  • Remove the Sharecast from their Marco Polo home screen if they’re not interested in participating.
  • Leave the Sharecast if they’ve already joined but no longer want to participate.