Creating your Sharecast: A step-by-step guide

Creating your Sharecast: A step-by-step guide

This quick reference will get you up and running with Sharecast. 

Create and name your Sharecast 

  1. On your Marco Polo home screen, tap the Plus sign (+) in the top-right corner. 
  2. Tap New Sharecast. 
  3. On the welcome screen, tap Get started. 
  4. Tap to select the type of Sharecast you’ll create, for Friends and family or Customers, associates, others
  5. Tap to choose a suggested title for your Sharecast, or tap Name your own
  6. Add a photo for your chat tile, and customize your title if you’d like. Then tap Create. You’ll be prompted to create a Welcome Video for your Sharecast. 

Record your Welcome Video

  1. On the Introduce your Sharecast screen, tap Next
  2. Record a Welcome Video giving participants a quick overview of what you’ll be sharing in your Sharecast.

Invite people to join your Sharecast

  1. After recording your Welcome Video, tap Next
  2. On the Invite with a link screen, tap Share next to your custom Sharecast invite link. 
  3. In your contacts list, choose the people you want to invite, and then tap Send

Anyone you share the link with can view your Welcome Video and join your Sharecast. If they already have Marco Polo, they’ll view your invite and join your Sharecast directly in the app. If they don’t, they can join and view your Sharecast on our Web platform.  

View and respond to your Sharecast activity 

On the Activity tab, you can see who has joined your Sharecast and who has viewed, reacted to, and replied to your Sharecast Polos.  

  1. Open your Sharecast. 
  2. Tap the bell icon located under your Sharecast storyline.
  3. On the main Activity tab, notifications show new and existing activity. The Private Messages and Activity tabs within the main Activity tab, include who has joined your Sharecast and who has viewed, reacted to, and privately replied to your Sharecast Polos.
  4. When someone sends you a private message, you can tap Love it to react, or Reply to reply. Tapping Reply to will open a one-on-one Marco Polo chat, with a note in the chat tile indicating that this Polo is in regard to your Sharecast. 

Edit and manage your Sharecast

Once your Sharecast is up and running, you can edit the details and manage participants. 

  1. Open your Sharecast. 
  2. At the top of the window, tap the title of your Sharecast. 
  • To change the image, tap the chat tile. 
  • To change the name of your Sharecast, tap the name. 
  • To invite more people, tap Invite participants or Sharecast link. 
  • To manage invitations to people who haven’t joined yet, tap Pending invites.
  • To remove a participant, tap their name and tap Remove. 
  • To delete your Sharecast, tap Delete Sharecast.