Learn more about Groups

Group Privacy

Anyone can create or be added to a chat with more than two people (“Group”) in Marco Polo.

The creator of a Group automatically becomes the Group Admin and, by default, anyone in the Group can add or remove anyone else in the Group, or duplicate the Group.

Group Admins have the ability to:

  • Create a unique group share link (anyone who has the unique group share link can join the Group)
  • Make someone a Group Admin
  • Set the welcome message
  • Restrict the Group (described further below)

One or more people can be a Group Admin 🙂

Group Admins also have the ability to delete content for all members of the Group.

The Group Admin can do this by: 

1. Hold down on a Polo thumbnail
2. Select Remove
3. Select “remove for me only” or “remove for all group members."

If a Group Admin selects “remove for all members,” this will delete the Polo from our Service.

Restricting the Group

To control who can be added and removed from your group, you can turn on Restrict Group. Enabling this will restrict other members from changing the group name, chat tile, adding/removing anyone within the group, duplicating the group, or creating a Sharecast from the group. 

☝️If the Group Admin leaves the Group, another Group Admin is not automatically designated. Group Admins must add another Admin before leaving the group in order for there to be an Admin of the Group.