Learn more about Sharecast


Sharecast is a feature of the App that allows a Sharecast owner to share Polo Messages with Sharecast participants. 

Sharecast participants cannot see who the other Sharecast participants are. Participants can respond to the Sharecast owner through Private Messages that cannot be seen by other participants.

Sharecast Links 🔗 and Access 🔐

  • Sharecast participants may join a Sharecast either through a Sharecast link shared by the Sharecast owner or by receiving an invite through the App. 
  • Anyone with the unique Sharecast link can join that Sharecast and access Sharecast content in the App (if they have a Marco Polo account) or on our Web platform. 
  • Note that if a Sharecast owner shares their link publicly, such as on social media, anyone who has access to the link may join their Sharecast or view their Sharecast videos.
  • A Sharecast owner can stop people from accessing their Sharecast content through the link by selecting “Reset Link” in the Sharecast link section of their Sharecast settings. Sharecast owners can also remove participants from their Sharecast.

Restrictions on Saving Sharecast Polos

A Sharecast owner can restrict others from saving or sharing Polos shared in their Sharecast by adjusting their privacy settings to restrict saving in the App. The privacy settings can be accessed and changed by:

  1. Tapping on the Settings icon
  2. Select Privacy
  3. Toggle on “Restrict people from saving Polos I’ve sent them.”

Leaving a Sharecast 👋

  • A participant may leave a Sharecast from the Marco Polo home screen by tapping the 3 dots to the right of the name of the Sharecast they want to leave and then selecting the Leave Sharecast option.
  • The owner of the Sharecast will not be notified when a participant leaves their Sharecast, however, the owner can see who is in their Sharecast at any time in their Sharecast settings.

Deleting a Sharecast

A Sharecast owner can delete a Sharecast by tapping the 3 dots to the right of the name of the Sharecast on the Marco Polo home screen, and then selecting the Delete.