Unlimited Storage

Due to community growth, we’ve changed how long we store Polos for free

All Polos are now stored free for 12 months. Unlimited storage of Polos is available through Marco Polo Plus and Plus Family at no additional charge. If you are not ready to upgrade to the premium version of the app, we also offer a new unlimited storage option. 

What is the Unlimited Storage plan?

The storage plan includes unlimited storage of all your content. This means your Polos will not be moved to trash or removed from the chats in your account. You will be able to access your Polos as long as you have an active subscription to the plan.

The Unlimited Storage plan does not include the premium features of Plus.

How much does the Unlimited Storage plan cost?

It costs $47.99 + tax/ year ($4/month) or $7.99+tax/ month to month 

If you’d like to explore the Unlimited Storage plan, either navigate to Settings and select "Upgrade to unlimited storage" 👇


Go to the chat archive and click “Get Unlimited Storage.”👇