How do I add people?

The first step to having fun on Marco Polo™ is adding friends and family to connect with!
To add friends , simply tap on the  ‘Contacts' icon located on the bottom banner of your home screen.
A list of contacts from your device will be displayed. Here you can select which friend(s) you’d like to connect with!
If they already have Marco Polo™, you’ll see a Marco Polo beach ball icon on their chat tile.
If they don't have Marco Polo™, you won't see a beach ball icon. Just tap their name to send an invitation. Then create a welcome Polo. It will be waiting for them!
You can also connect with people whose phone number you don’t have saved in your phone device. To do this, tap on the  ‘Contacts’ icon, and select the  ‘Invite via Link’ option. You can send this link to anyone via other platforms.

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