Changing your notification settings

You can manage your notification settings right from your profile page. 
Open your Profile page by tapping the  'Settings' icon. From here, you'll have different options to adjust your notifications.
To check your notification settings, you can tap on the ' Notifications' option or the ' Privacy' option.

  • Enable 'Do not disturb’ to mute conversations for the length of time you select.
  • Enable 'Send me fewer notifications’ to only be notified when someone new joins Marco Polo, or when others are talking to you. 
  • For Android users: Tap 'Notification Settings' where you will be able to adjust notifications within your phone device's settings
  • Enable 'Send me fewer emails’ to only be notified when you need to receive an account creation or deletion communication. 
  • By tapping Privacy Settings you’ll see an option to 'Exclude me from contact activity updates.' By enabling this, others will no longer receive notification that you’re on Marco Polo™
  • You’ll also see,‘Restrict People from Saving Polos I’ve Sent Them’ and by enabling this, others will not be able to save or share Polos you’ve sent to them.
  • From the Privacy Settings you can also 'Hide Active Times'. Hiding your active times also hides active times for other people. Approximate times (recently, last week, last month) are shown. 

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