How can I send a Photo Polo?

*This is a Marco Polo Plus feature on iOS and Android, to learn more about Marco Polo Plus tap here

You can share photos from your device’s camera roll in a Chat. 

To send a Photo Polo: 
1. Open a conversation
2. Tap on the  Photo Icon

3. Choose from sending a photo from your camera roll by tapping on a photo from the gallery preview or tap on the nine small squares in the bottom left corner to select from all your photos. You can also choose to take a photo at that moment by tapping on the camera icon. 

4. Once the photo displays, tap  Start and share a few words about it

5. When you’re finished, tap  Stop to complete your Polo

6. To view the Photo Polo larger, tap on the Photo Polo. From here, you can zoom in to the image by double-tapping with your finger. Or you can also save the Photo Polos!