Helpful User Group (HUG)

If you use Marco Polo™ and want to help make it (even) better, we’ve create a group just for you--the Helpful User Group (HUG). :)

We’d love to have you join!

As a member of HUG we’ll Polo you once a week to:

  1. Hear about your experience with a particular feature
  2. Listen to your cool stories about using Marco Polo™
  3. Invite you to participate in longer interviews
  4. Offer opportunities to try new features before everyone else
  5. Ask for your input into ways to improve the Marco Polo™ experience

If you’re interested in joining Marco Polo™ HUG,  and able to answer at least 2 questions a month via Marco Polo™, then come join us.

To get started, please fill out this survey along with a release form allowing us to share your feedback with others. We will reach out to confirm your membership!

Then, keep an eye out for cool Marco Polo™ gear heading your way, as thanks for being part of the HUG team!

Thanks and looking forward to a big HUG! :)  

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