Helpful User Group (HUG)

If you use Marco Polo  and want to help make it (even) better, we’ve create a group just for you--the Helpful User Group (HUG). :)

We’d love to have you join!

As a member of HUG we’ll Polo you about once a week to:

  1. Hear about your experience with using Marco Polo
  2. Hear your stories about using Marco Polo and share them with our team and community
  3. Invite you to participate in longer interviews
  4. Offer opportunities to try new features before everyone else
  5. Ask for your input into ways to improve the Marco Polo experience

If you’re interested in joining Marco Polo HUG,  and able to answer at least 3 questions a month via Marco Polo, then come join us.

To get started, please fill out this survey along with a release form allowing us to share your feedback with others. If you're selected, we will reach out to confirm your membership!

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