How to create a group

Creating a group on Marco Polo is a great way to build stronger and more personal relationships. Groups come in all sizes— up to a max of 200 people! Use smaller groups for intimate group discussions. Use larger groups to keep everyone up to date and connected.

Creating your group
  • Tap on the Contacts icon at the bottom of the home screen menu
  • Select Create Group 
  • You’ll see everyone from your address book there or you can type in a phone number of someone that you’d like to add. 
  • Add the people you’d like in your group and tap Done (*Android) or Create (*iOS)
💡PRO TIP: Create a group without adding anyone, this way you can set up your group before people start joining. You can do this by tapping Done  (*Android) or  Create  (*iOS) without picking anyone. 
That's it- your group is created. Next up, customize it and get the word out!  
Setting up the group
Customizing your group can help build community. You can change the name and chat tile image. Here’s how:
  • Go into your group, tap on the group title. That’ll take you to the Group Info screen. 
  • To rename your group, tap on the title
  • To change the chat tile, tap Edit on the current Chat Tile. Pick a fun GIF or your own photo to represent your group. When you change the chat tile, your group gets notified. 
💡  PRO  TIP: After your group is up and running consider changing up the chat tile as a way of engaging your group. You can try searching for tiles like “Friday”, and “Celebrate”, etc. 
Next up, be sure to record a welcome Polo in the group. This way when others join they'll already have something to watch (as new people join they can see all previous Polos). 
💡  PRO TIP:  In your first Polo to the group, you might want to include a few things such as why you started the group, what kinds of things you want people to discuss, or any rules you have in the group. You might also share a few tips on how to use Marco Polo to help everyone get started.  
Invite people into your group
  • Once you’re ready, you can start inviting people into your group by sharing the link to your group. Here’s how easy it is:
  • Go into your group and tap on the group title to get to the Group Info screen
  • Tap on the Group Settings to get to the admin options
  • Tap on Invite via Group Link to create your link. You’ll notice your link is customized with your group name at the end of it
  • Pick one of the many options to share the link with your group
  • You can also add your existing contacts to the group from the Group Info screen by tapping the Add People.

💡  PRO TIP:  Share your group link in any existing groups(e.g. Facebook group, text, email, etc). Here’s sample text that you can use:
“Hi team, I’d love for us to feel more connected in a way that conveniently fits into our busy lives. I found this great app, Marco Polo will help us do just that . This is where I’ll be sending weekly challenges, training, etc. Join in and don’t miss out: <link>.  Be sure you’ve downloaded the app on your mobile device. 
💡  PRO TIP:  Get the conversation started right away! When two or more people are having a conversation, everyone can see how fun it is.

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