How to create a group

Creating a group on Marco Polo is a great way to build stronger and more personal relationships. Groups come in all sizes— up to a max of 200 people! Use smaller groups for intimate group discussions. Use larger groups to keep everyone up to date and connected.

Creating your group:
  • Tap on the Contacts icon at the bottom of the home screen menu
  • Select Create Group 
  • If you've enabled your device's contact list, you’ll see everyone from your address book there or you can type in a phone number of someone that you’d like to add. 
  • Add the people you’d like in your group and tap Done (*Android) or Create (*iOS)
💡PRO TIP: Create a group without adding anyone, this way you can set up your group before people start joining. You can do this by tapping Done  (*Android) or  Create  (*iOS) without picking anyone. 
That's it- your group is created. Next up, customize it and get the word out!  
Setting up the group:
You can change the name and chat tile image! Here’s how:
  • Go into your group, tap on the group title at the top of the screen. That’ll take you to the Group Info screen. 
  • To rename your group, tap on the group name.
  • To change the chat tile, tap Edit on the current Chat Tile. Pick a fun GIF or your own photo to represent your group. When you change the chat tile, your group will be notified. 
💡  PRO  TIP: After your group is up and running, consider changing up the chat tile as a way of engaging your group. You can try searching for tiles like “Friday”, and “Celebrate”, etc. 
Next up, be sure to record a Welcome Polo in the group. This way when others join, they'll already have something to watch (as new people join they can see all previous Polos). 
💡  PRO TIP:  In your first Polo to the group, you might want to include a few things such as why you started the group, what kinds of things you want people to discuss, or any rules you have in the group. You might also share a few tips on how to use Marco Polo to help everyone get started.  
Invite people into your group:
  • Once you’re ready, you can start inviting people into your group by sharing the link to your group. Here’s how easy it is:
  • Go into your group and tap on the group title to get to the Group Info screen
  • Tap on the Group Settings to get to the admin options
  • Tap on Invite via Group Link to create your link. You’ll notice your link is customized with your group name at the end of it
  • Pick one of the many options to share the link with your group
  • You can also add your existing contacts to the group from the Group Info screen by tapping the Add People.

💡  PRO TIP:  Share your group link in any existing groups(e.g. Facebook group, text, email, etc). Here’s sample text that you can use:
“Hi team, I’d love for us to feel more connected in a way that conveniently fits into our busy lives. I found this great app, Marco Polo will help us do just that. This is where I’ll be sending weekly challenges, training, etc. Join in and don’t miss out: <link>.  Be sure you’ve downloaded the app on your mobile device.