What’s included in Marco Polo Plus?

Your Marco Polo® Plus subscription offers an enhanced experience with premium features designed for more functionality and convenience.

Plus Features 👇 


  • Speed Controls

    Toggle the speed as you watch Polos, from 1.5x-3x.  

  • Create and Save Polos in HD

    Record special moments, automatically saved to your phone in HD. 

  • Voice-only Polos

    For times you don’t feel camera-ready, record voice-only Polos.

  • Custom Emoji Reactions

    Customize your reaction by adding your favorite emoji.

  • Scratchpad

    Take notes while watching, and reference them as you respond.

  • Live Texting

    Text your friends while they’re recording live.

  • Urgent Notes

    Send a special notification indicating the need for immediate response.

  • Plus Passes

    Unlock 2 FREE months of Plus to gift to friends and family.
    Learn more about Plus Passes