Marco Polo Plus FAQ

What is Marco Polo Plus?

Marco Polo Plus is an optional paid subscription plan that unlocks premium features with more functionality and convenience. Plus creates an elevated experience designed to help you stay more joyfully connected 🤗 

Plus includes: 

  • More speed control options: 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x, 3x
  • Photo Polos
  • Bookmarks, Reminders, and Forwarding
  • Scratchpad for note taking
  • Voice-only Polos
  • Extended and animated emojis
  • Notes and Video Reactions
  • Polos in HD
  • 6 free Plus Passes for friends and family with the option to purchase more à la carte

Check out the  Marco Polo Plus page to learn more about how Marco Polo Plus and the free version of the app compare. 

Why a paid subscription? Why not just sell ads?

We believe close relationships are essential to happiness and emotional well-being. So our purpose is simple: helping people feel close. This affects everything we do, from the technology we create to the business decisions we make. 

Our subscription model helps cover our devoted team and essential technology and lets us invest back into our business, so Marco Polo® can be there for your everyday interactions and special moments long-term.

We’ll never make money by sharing your personal information with others, showing you their ads, or using manipulative tactics to increase your time in our app. Because even if doing so could fuel our business, it wouldn’t support your well-being, privacy, or happiness. 

You can learn more about our purpose and commitment in the Marco Polo Community Bill of Rights

How much does Marco Polo Plus cost?

Marco PoloPlus is $59.99/year ($5/month) for annual billing or $9.99/month for monthly billing. 

With each annual subscription, you receive 6 Plus Passes to gift to friends and family. Each Plus Pass gives your recipients 2 months of Marco Polo Plus free of charge. You can purchase additional Plus Passes if you’d like more than 6. 

You can also choose Plus Family at $119.99/year ($10/month) for annual billing.

Plus Family includes all the benefits of the Plus subscription along with 5 additional subscriptions for anyone you choose. Plus Family is not limited to members of your household – you define your family 😊

Is there still a free version of Marco Polo?

Yes! Marco Polo remains unlimited and free. Upgrading to Marco Polo Plus is completely optional.  

The free version includes: 

  • Unlimited chats, groups, and saved Polos
  • Sharecast, a brand new, free-for-everyone way to share more of your world with more of the people in it
  • Voice effects and camera filters
  • Notification controls
  • Basic emojis
  • No third-party ads
  • The ability to upgrade at any point

Can I switch back from Plus to the free version?

We understand that Plus isn’t for everyone. If you’ve given the Plus subscription a try and decide you’d prefer the free Marco Polo experience, you can cancel your subscription through the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

Tap this link to find out more information on canceling and requesting a refund. 

As long as you cancel and request a refund within the timeframe designated by Apple/Google, your account will automatically revert to the free Marco Polo experience.