My Polo won’t load. What should I do?

Marco Polo® works best with a strong internet connection. 

  • Try moving to an area with a strong connection — preferably using Wi-Fi rather than cellular data. 
  • If you have a strong connection and are still experiencing trouble, next check to make sure you’re using the latest version of the app. Open the App Store or Google Play, search for Marco Polo, and tap Update
  • Once you’ve verified that your app is up to date, try restarting the app, resetting your connection, and restarting your device. 
  • If the Polo still won’t load, the sender may have a weak internet connection on their end. Ask them to try these same troubleshooting steps 🙂

Note: If you’re only having trouble with one specific Polo, not all your Polos, there is likely a technical issue with that Polo. In this case, the Polo may eventually load but may not be recoverable.