How do I unblock someone?

      You can unblock someone from your Home screen.

      If the person you'd like to unblock is no longer featured on your Home screen, you may need to re-add them from your Add Friends screen.

      To unblock someone so they're able to contact you, you first need to add them back to your home screen. To do this:

      1. Tap on the 'Contacts' icon

      2. In the search bar, type the name of the person you'd like to unblock

      To unblock someone:

      1. Tap on the three dots next to your chat tile

      2. Select ' Unblock User'

      Tap  'Unblock Contact'

      To unblock someone on iOS:

      1. Tap on ‘Contacts’

      2. In the search bar at the top, type in the name of the contact that has be blocked.

      3. Tap on contact.

      4. You now have an open Chat, tap on the ‘Start' button. 

      5. A pop up menu will now give you the option to‘unblock’.

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