How much storage does Marco Polo use on my device?

For the first 24 hours, Polos are stored on your device📱 After that, Polos are stored in our cloud ☁️ This helps free up space on your device. 

Once Polos move to the cloud, you still have full access to save, share, or delete them. Open a chat, scroll to the far left of the timeline, and tap the storage icon that will pop up. This will open your stored  Polos.


  • In your storage for a chat, tap and hold a Polo thumbnail to share, or download that Polo. You can also tap on the Polo to play it. While playing the Polo you'll see the option to share, download, report, or delete the Polo. Note: When you delete a Polo that you’ve created, it’s unrecoverable as it’s also erased from our servers.