Plus Family plan FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Plus Family plan

Can I cancel the Plus Family plan at any time?

  • Yes, you can cancel your Marco Polo subscriptions at any time through your Apple or Google Play store account. To cancel, please tap here for more information.

If I'm using an iOS device can I add friends that have Android?

  • Yes, you can add anyone on Marco Polo to your Plus Family plan. Note: they can't have a Plus subscription already. 

How can I add members to my Plus Family plan? 

  • If you tap into your Marco Polo settings tab within Marco Polo, you'll see the option for "Plus Subscription" tap here. From here you should see the option to add and remove people, manage your guest passes, or manage your subscription. 

If I already paid for a Plus membership, will I be refunded if I upgrade to the Plus Family Plan?

  • If you purchased an individual annual plan but would like to upgrade to a Plus Family plan, it will be prorated for the remainder of your annual plan. 
  • If you're on Android, we'll apply the outstanding credit to the new subscription and you'll be charged for the remaining balance of the Family Plan once that credit runs out. On iOS, upon upgrading, you'll be charged for the Plus Family subscription and will receive a prorated refund typically within 3-4 business days from Apple. 

Will each member of my Plus Family plan receive 6 Plus Passes?

  • No, only the account holder receives Plus Passes to give away 2 months free-trial of Plus upon their first purchase of a subscription. 

Is it possible to freely switch out members of my Plus Family plan?

  • Yes, you can add and remove members as you’d like. They will be notified when they are added and removed. 

How does it work if my Family is all on the same Apple ID? 

  • If the family members are not already Plus subscribers, the Plus Family account holder just needs to add all members inside Marco Polo. 
  • [note: since we don't allow multiple Plus subscribers per Apple ID, users who are subscribers, but who'd like another family member to be the family plan subscriber will need to work with support so that we can unlock the subscription and allow it to be moved to the new subscriber's Marco Polo account]

Is the Plus Family plan attached to one main number? What if that number changes?

  • Yes, the Family Plan subscription is attached to a single Marco Polo account, which transfers if your phone number changes. 
  • We want users to go through "change number" in-app or by email in order to update their account to reflect the new phone number. Doing so ensures that they can recover their MP account in the future, etc.

If my Plus Family plan members are having issues with their account- will the main number need to reach out?

  • The person experiencing any trouble should feel free to reach out to It’s good to have the number associated with the Plus Family account handy, as that may need to be considered depending on the issue. 

Will the Plus Family plan account holder be charged the full amount, or can we split the payment?

  • Great question! The account holder will be charged the full amount. We don’t require people to be within the same household in order to join a family plan. It’s up to the account holder to split payment as they choose.

Can I switch from an annual to a monthly plan? Or switch from Plus Family to individual plan? 

  • We do not currently support changing the term or the plan type from inside Marco Polo. On iOS, it's possible to switch plans via the App Store app's Subscription Settings screen. Note that downgrading from an annual plan to a monthly plan, or from a Family Plan to an Individual plan takes effect at the end of the current subscription period.

 Someone has added me to their Plus Family plan and I don't want to be on it. How can I be removed?

  • At this time, it’s not possible to remove yourself from a Plus Family plan. Contact the Plus Family plan owner and ask them to remove you.